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“Independence for All”

The City Council recently adopted the City’s 5-year strategic plan that we are calling “Independence for All”.  Creating the strategic plan is an important milestone in our community, and we could not have done it without the input of thousands of citizens, business owners,  and volunteers who give their time and energy to making our City better.

“Independence for All” isn’t a plan that was created at City Hall, but, as I like to say, somebody had to write it down.  This is not my plan, or the City’s plan, it is YOUR plan.  We put it down in writing so that you know that your elected leaders have listened to your thoughts and concerns and are working hard to make Independence the place you want to live, work, and raise your family.

Visit the City website link below to view the entire plan and all 74 strategies.


“Independence for All” is based on four over-arching goals:  Customer-Focused, Financially Sustainable, Growth, and Quality.  In the next five years, we will strive to make Independence cleaner, safer, and more prosperous.

I need your help to make positive changes in the City we all love and call home.  I am excited about the direction we are headed and inspired by the hundreds of small things people are doing day in and day out to make life just a little better for someone in our city.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more about “Independence for All”, and thank you for your dedication to our city.