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Western Independence

Development and investment in Western Independence have been concerns of Independence residents for decades. When my family relocated to Independence in 2000, we chose to live in Western Independence, the neighborhood where my husband was raised.

In the last few weeks, the City Council has made big decisions to put a renewed focus on the west side. Year after year the annual citizen survey reveals that people want to see improvements west of Noland Road. Residents also place high importance on maintaining the historic Independence Square as the heart of Independence.

I have been actively involved with so many projects in Western Independence over the 17 years that I have lived in the city. I worked on the campaign to remove Independence schools from the Kansas City school district, assisted with creating the Englewood Arts District, and am active with Truman Gateway.

I have seen numerous plans for Western Independence focused on the Square, Englewood, Fairmount, Maywood, Noland Road, 24 Hwy and 40 Hwy. It’s time for one plan that works.

In the coming weeks the Council will choose citizens to serve on the Downtown Redevelopement Coordinating Committee. The committee will develop a plan and funding options for improving the commercial districts and neighborhoods west of Noland Road.