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Thank you, Independence

Thanksgiving was a great day to spend time with my husband, Tom, and our children, Nora and John, at our family farm along with my parents, my two sisters, brother in law, and Tom’s parents.  This year’s celebration was especially meaningful to me after learning on Wednesday that I will not have an opponent as […]

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Western Independence

Development and investment in Western Independence have been concerns of Independence residents for decades. When my family relocated to Independence in 2000, we chose to live in Western Independence, the neighborhood where my husband was raised. In the last few weeks, the City Council has made big decisions to put a renewed focus on the […]

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Question 1 – August 8th

In 1998 the City Council led by Mayor Ron Stewart asked voters to approve a dedicated sales tax for repair and maintenance of city streets and parks.  The City streets and parks were in bad shape and regular revenues were not enough to bring them up to the expectations of the community.  A great grassroots […]

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“Independence for All”

The City Council recently adopted the City’s 5-year strategic plan that we are calling “Independence for All”.  Creating the strategic plan is an important milestone in our community, and we could not have done it without the input of thousands of citizens, business owners,  and volunteers who give their time and energy to making our […]

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