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Proven Leadership

Eileen has kept her promise to fight blight.  Independence is cleaner and safer because Eileen has..

  • Demolished MCI hospital and renovated the medical building as the Independence Utilities Center
  • Demolished the American Inn hotel on Noland Road
  • Demolished the Beauty Rest motel on Salisbury Road
  • Demanded stricter regulations on hotels and motels to reduce crime and disorder
  • Increased funding for code enforcement and demolition of dangerous buildings
  • Supported programs to improve the quality of rental housing
  • Fought for State legislation to make it easier for cities to locate derelict property owners

Eileen is committed to City employees.  Hardworking men and women provide the services our community depends on every day.  As Mayor Eileen has…

  • Reformed health care benefits by establishing an employee health clinic and stabilizing premiums
  • Increased wages for represented and non-represented employees
  • Prevented employee furloughs and lay offs
  • Worked with voters to renew sales taxes for the police and fire departments
  • Hired a new City Manager to carry out the Council goals of economic growth, financial sustainability, quality neighborhoods and business districts, and excellent customer service

As a mother of two, Eileen cares about the long-term success of Independence.  Eileen is planning for the future and has…

  • Developed “Independence for All”, the city’s first-ever 5-year strategic plan to address the top priorities of citizens
  • Made Independence more “green” by increasing renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and creating the region’s largest solar farm
  • Designed new fiscal policies to ensure the City’s long-term financial stability
  • Attracted private investment without costly tax incentives that hurt our schools, libraries, and city services
  • Cut City spending by $6 million and increased fund balance
  • Fought against legislation in Jefferson City and Washington that would reduce City revenues for basic services

Eileen is focused on raising the median income in Independence to $50,000 by the year 202o by retaining and growing business, putting people to work, and supporting schools.  During Eileen’s first term as Mayor, Independence has…

  • Created thousands of new jobs, the most in city history
  • Brought new businesses to town to fill vacancies and build new buildings
  • Lowered unemployment and increased total employment
  • Motivated local businesses to invest more than $200 million in facilities and equipment
  • Helped new companies get started at the business incubator
  • Reduced bureaucratic regulations that harm small businesses